Tuesday, 16 September 2008

ups and downs

Been moving house folks - photos to follow.

So been a bit manic over the last few days...

And its actually baltic!
The air conditioning is playing up so its been chilly and loud at night.
I actually put a jumper on inside today...

dawnies UAE style.

this whole area was covered in rubbish...typical.

did some more camel whispering here too.

sending love to all.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Five Steps to Getting a Camel in a Headlock

A camel is spotted and the vehicle is stopped, mans get out.

Yeti scares off one doctor camel but begins making friends with bob, our friendly looking fella.

Yeti starts the camel whispering process, using lip smacking sounds and the mysterious rubbing of the middle finger and thumb technique...

Bob cannot fail to be suckered in by this approach and once the hands are on, all it takes are a few well placed scratches of the itchy spots and....

VOILA! a CAMEL in a headlock!!

Big thanks to Professor Phil for the Photography:

Monday, 1 September 2008

First Day of Ramadan Today

oh yeah and Ramadan Kariim!!!

Camels, Goats and Mountains

this is as close as i've got to a camel so far...

he aim is to get one in a headlock...

and this is the ugliest goat i've ever seen.
i'm sure its a warlock or something, must have had a curse placed on it and its doomed to walk around in goat form forever....

we went for a walk today.
classic crack of dawn start, up to this ridge

...and then take forever coming down some dodgy gulleys in the baking heat with 20ft drops to nav round.
thats what comes from only having google maps to navigate with...