Saturday, 12 December 2009

i loves the sea.


hello hi hey to one and all!

peace to dubai crew, swansea massive family and friends coming through with us!

please peop this delicious mix from our mans kper and co....

sickness in the mix.

dubai is rolling, ras al khaimah rolling, everybody on the beach keep building!



Monday, 12 October 2009

Mr Yeti's Desert Podcast Part 2 OUT NOW!

I got a new podcast out.

Here you gooooo:

to download right click by here


00:00 :: sa-ra creative partners - jus like a baby

02:08 :: rustie - bad science

04:03 :: harmonic 313 ft phat kat & elzhi - battlestar (rmx)

06:45 :: shoes recordings - afta lafta (comez tearz)

08:35 :: mos def ft slick rick - auditorium

12:36 :: the jackson 5 - i am love

19:40 :: pigbag - sunny day

22:20 :: doc daneeka - bumblebee riddim

24:02 :: florence & the machine - drumming song (boy 8 bit rmx)

27:50 :: ame - setsa

31:45 :: isolee - albacares

35:49 :: lifelike - LOVE is what you need

37:50 :: amadou and mariam - ce n'est pas bon (bullion rmx)

39:09 :: mesak - sony

41:29 :: j-wow ft aloe blac - off with ya head

43:11 :: gladys knight & the pips - use my imagination

46:20 :: nancy wilson - all in love is fair

hope you enjoy.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Haps

yes yes desert watchers.

It's getting hot out here!!

Most days are 45 - 50 on the heat index at the mo,

With high temps above 45C and humidity between 30 and 60% depending on weather!!


We went to Barcelona and saw the sonar festival, the city and Montserrat which was stunning.

carl craig last set

barcelona streets

Bec's been super busy artisting - heading to Berlin to set up an Emirati exhibition and having her own work shown in two exhibitions at the moment.

anian dau 2009, rebecca rendell

anian 2009, rebecca rendell

Works rocking - the groups are coming through now and we're all slowly getting used to getting up around 03:15 to start work for 04:15 :(

Gotta beat the heat.

OK - thats me for now.

Lots of sandy sweaty love to the homelands.


photos courtesy of me, mial, darwin and melissa gueverra.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Slice of Video Pie.

Oh yes, oh yes.

A Promo Vid I did for Al Shahizzle.

Powered by Animoto - lovely stuff.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Kayaking = Flamingoes, Flying Fish, Turtles and SHARKS!!?

Yesterday I went Sea boating with a great group of emirati youngsters and I saw my first Black tip reef shark on a session!

That lovely little (with the emphasis on the little) dorsal fin was just poking around - the thing couldn't have been more than 1.5 m long, it was a real treat to be honest..


Today I had a group of numpties.

Midway through the session I realised we were quite near a load of turtles and the group asked if we could get a little closer, "healthy enthusiasm for the local animal life" i thought...

We stopped in the middle of at least 10 - 15 turtles, all coming up for air at different times... what i didn't realise was my group were paused - ready to pounce and catch one of these badboy's if they got close enough!

So we moved on a bit.

And then we came across a grey reef shark, the biggest damn fish i've ever seen - 2-3m in length and our position was pushing it back into very shallow water - so when my hungry and insane Emirati group started trying to hit it with a paddle, it started to fight back - a scenario I previously never imagined encountering in the chilly "break the ice off it" waters of Wales.

Needless to say my, "Get the hell away from that bloody shark!!!" Got translated pretty quick - and we gave it a bit of space to vacate - crazy shiznits..

The usual flamingo posse were around laughing at us and about ten minutes later a fish in the shallows we continued into started jumping around the whole group - in and out of the water - doing two full laps of us.

I didn't think about it at the time, but i'm pretty sure he was saying:
"Thank you God!! You crazy fools just stopped me from becoming lunch!!! Woohoo!! I'm Alive!!"

the one that got away......

Monday, 6 April 2009

Top 5 Spot the Difference's between UK & UAE Driving!

UK: In a 10 hour car journey I only swore at 3 other drivers on the road!
UAE: In a 3 minute car journey you could easily swear at 10 drivers, albeit through gritted teeth as you get deported for rude words or hand gestures!

UK: When people flash their lights at you it means, "After you kind sir, feel free to go ahead of me.."
UAE: When Emirati's flash their lights at you it means, "I'm approaching your car at double your speed, get the f@ck outta my way before I ram you off the road!"

UK: Drivers usually overtake in the outside lane.
UAE: Lane, what lane? Expect incoming vehicle strike from any angle and they'll overtake in the hard shoulder if you don't move after flashing!

UK: Driving on a spring day you'd be looking at lambs dancing, green grass, daffodils, bluebells, leafy trees and a cow or two.
UAE: When driving in a desert expect to see camels wandering, sand, sand, some dust and a bit more sand, the odd ugly goat and if you are lucky a donkey!

UK: You get in a taxi, get to your destination, pay the meter bill. Happy days.
UAE: You get in a taxi, sit down and the driver asks you, "How much you pay me?!"


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Desert Yeticast

It's been a while, its been emotional.

I got marriaged.

I gone done a podcast.

Mr Yeti's Desert Podcast

to download press here


intro: Dilla - It's Dope

Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Extended disco dub)
Q-tip - Man Woman Boogie ft. amanda diva
Pitbull - Bojangles (Tittsworth Remix)
Eclier - Boxon Say Hello
Ratatat - Mirando
Blaq Poet - (Primo Beat) - aint nuttin changed
Madlib - Anthenagin
Hudson Mohawke - Overnight
Ghislain Poirier - Blazin (modeselektor rmx)
Radiohead - Nude Remix ft Too $hort&MC Zumbio
Dela soul - JPeriod's Excursion version
Rustie - Zigzag
Jamie Lidell - Another Day (rustie rmx)
Lyrics Born - I Can't Decide
2 Live Crew - Party (2 Bit thugs rmx)
Diplo - Way More Brazil
Database - Ritchie Got Me Dancin
Menahan Street Band - Home Again
Eric Lau - Dont Let Them
La Roux - In For The Kill - skream rmx

will be back soon with a "here's whats been going down" update.

Take it breezy.