Monday, 19 July 2010

Freshly Laced is a Toddler...

I may be on a bit of a catch-up tip right here...

So its been a wicked few months since Freshly Laced was born.

We've had some awesome nights, sick music and incredible visuals and drawn folks from Ras Al Khiamah to Abu Dhabi in droves - getting their fix of the finest funk, afrobeat, brasilia and proper hiphop & being keen to build the scene and community with us.

The bboy workshops have been going strong at Shelter and we've had Web, Radio, Print and TV support for FL and its only gonna keep growing - bigups Andy @ DJ Mag, Mo and crew, Zahra Soar, Simone @ Discoballbreaker, Lubna and the CWrap crew, Pecha Kucha, Infusion & Time Out Massive, Analect and Nile Rhythmik (who even dropped a custom beat for us!!)

Freshly laced by Nile Rhythmik

And if you haven't already copped it pickup the Spring Collection for the last time here:


1. Grand Wizard Theodore 'Can I Get A Soul Clap'
2. Bibio 'Jealous of Roses'
3. Oddisee 'I'm from PG'
4. Flying Lotus 'Astral Plane'
5. Ulysees 82 'Easy to Find, Hard to Lose'
6. Esther Phillips 'Disposable Society'
7. Dee Edwards 'Why Can't There Be Love'
8. Ghetto Brothers 'Got This Happy feeling'
9. Joe Quarterman & Free Soul 'This Girl Of Mine (She's Good)'
10. Fubura Sekibo 'Psychedelic Baby'
11. 14 Bis 'God Save The Queen'
12. Alice Russell 'Let Us Be Loving' (KidKanevil Remix)
13. El Michels Affair 'Walk On By' (short version)
14. Dimlite 'Rump Studies w/Ketepica'
15. Daniel Wang 'Free Lovin'
16. Ohmega Watts 'The Platypus Strut'

I'm about to leave for the summer so swing by Casa Latina in Ibis Al Barsha this Thursday to wave goodbye to a yeti.

Have no fear though - DJ Solo and DJ Lobito will be holding it down up until our Closing Party on August 5th.

Keep em peeled in September when Freshly Laced is gonna drop the next level on Dubai...

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