Saturday, 19 June 2010

Kuwait City is Aiiight.

For a city with no legal alcohol or dancing - Kuwait City is pretty sick.

The first night we had there we got to check out some hush hush, little-promoted Rooftop Cinema Anime - catching Paprika up in the hot breeze.

I gotta say this blog was what hooked me up with a few juicey gems in Kuwait so bigups to the 2:48am fam for putting in the effort.

I've felt pretty graph deprived by the UAE's squeaky clean policy, it was cool to see some bits and pieces dotted around - and a decent lil skate park too..

The city's even got some MIB style camoflaged UFO's dotting about:

Wifey nearly turned reptilian in the Aquarium thingy:

yeti vs trex:


astral travelling:

they even had giant test tubes for giants to carry humans:

Kuwait has one of the dopest resteraunts I've been to: Slider Station - a burger bar, themed like a car workshop, serving really tasty mini burgers via the medium of a yo-sushi style conveyor belt.

Great staff (complete with mechanics jumpsuits), Awesome food, Sweet little vibe.



They seem to still love the old school arcades over there.

I found this little gem upstairs in a Lulu centre.

The keen eyed and 80's children amongst you may recognise Yeti getting his youth back with a blast on Stryder:

...and wifey doing damage in whats gotta be the only Ninja / Dog partnership game in history - Shadow Dancer:

Both ultimate classics - and the "built for dwarves" factor of the machines only added to the fun.

All in all - worth a detox trip to search out the gems.