Monday, 6 April 2009

Top 5 Spot the Difference's between UK & UAE Driving!

UK: In a 10 hour car journey I only swore at 3 other drivers on the road!
UAE: In a 3 minute car journey you could easily swear at 10 drivers, albeit through gritted teeth as you get deported for rude words or hand gestures!

UK: When people flash their lights at you it means, "After you kind sir, feel free to go ahead of me.."
UAE: When Emirati's flash their lights at you it means, "I'm approaching your car at double your speed, get the f@ck outta my way before I ram you off the road!"

UK: Drivers usually overtake in the outside lane.
UAE: Lane, what lane? Expect incoming vehicle strike from any angle and they'll overtake in the hard shoulder if you don't move after flashing!

UK: Driving on a spring day you'd be looking at lambs dancing, green grass, daffodils, bluebells, leafy trees and a cow or two.
UAE: When driving in a desert expect to see camels wandering, sand, sand, some dust and a bit more sand, the odd ugly goat and if you are lucky a donkey!

UK: You get in a taxi, get to your destination, pay the meter bill. Happy days.
UAE: You get in a taxi, sit down and the driver asks you, "How much you pay me?!"


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