Friday, 17 July 2009

The Haps

yes yes desert watchers.

It's getting hot out here!!

Most days are 45 - 50 on the heat index at the mo,

With high temps above 45C and humidity between 30 and 60% depending on weather!!


We went to Barcelona and saw the sonar festival, the city and Montserrat which was stunning.

carl craig last set

barcelona streets

Bec's been super busy artisting - heading to Berlin to set up an Emirati exhibition and having her own work shown in two exhibitions at the moment.

anian dau 2009, rebecca rendell

anian 2009, rebecca rendell

Works rocking - the groups are coming through now and we're all slowly getting used to getting up around 03:15 to start work for 04:15 :(

Gotta beat the heat.

OK - thats me for now.

Lots of sandy sweaty love to the homelands.


photos courtesy of me, mial, darwin and melissa gueverra.

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