Friday, 5 March 2010

We Survived The Rickshaw Run 2010!

Yes yes!

We all survived with limbs and lives intact!

4 guys, 3400km, 18 days in a 3wheeled 150cc Auto-Rickshaw.

We travelled the length of India squeezed in to our trusty ricky: Raul Bajaj

"The Mighty Raul Bajaj"

From Pokhara in Nepal to Cochin in Kerala, India, via Raxual, Patna, Varanassi, Agra (and the Taj Mahal & Akbar's Fort - complete with impressive 5000 strong hareem storage facility), Mumbai, Goa and Munner.

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It was an epic journey of intense contrasts; beauty and ugliness, wealth and poverty, friendliness and hostility, and slaps and kisses!

So far we have managed to raise over AED10,000 for Maiti Nepal and Mercy Corps.

So many stories:
  • Being chased by local bandits with sticks in Bihar
  • Living off thali’s, breakfast, noon and night
  • Being seen as celebrities in small villages – (attracting a crowd of 20-30 curious people in under 2 minutes was our record)
  • Breaking down on the side of the road – often
  • Being genuinely concerned for our lives on a daily basis on some of India's most dangerous roads
  • Blasting NOFX's "the decline" at full volume for joe's birthday with a large blow-up sheep looking out at several confused Indian faces at 7:30am

"Every Day i'm Hustling"
Man's holding down Raxaul, the only place in Bihar you need in your life.

"Another Day, Another Thali"


"National Highway 17"

"Joe's Birthday Friend - Our Co-Pilot"

"Have music, will travel the length of India"

But the lasting memories would be the countless folks that went out of their way to help us at times when we literally had no clue about what to do next:

Big up's to:

Rajeev and his family in Patna (the best auto rickshaw dealer in India);

The family who sold fuel out of their house in coke bottles in the middle of nowhere when we were running on vapours;

The guys outside Calicut who helped us in arranging the 17km tow in the dark to civilisation and a Bajaj dealer - come and give me a shout in RAK gents!

The hundreds of guys that stopped to help teach us the common fixes to many a Rickshaw drama.

The Oy's La Family - the best guest house in Fort Cochin ready to take you in at midnight if necessary!

"Rajeev's Posse"

"Bajaj Calicut's Finest"

"Fort Cochin Rickshaw Walla Crew"

Big thanks to Jani for giving us a heroes welcome, feeding us and providing the victory beer to wash it all down.

And if anyone ever wants to know the best place in the world to have a cup of tea, you could do a lot worse than searching out this place in stunning Munner. is where you need to go to if you fancy giving the experience a whirl.

I recommend.

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