Tuesday, 12 August 2008

alright or wha?

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Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 17:22:24 +0100

Well what can i say?

Incredible 24hours.

Firstly got into country no trouble – woohoo! Always a good start.

Wearing a shirt helps these things no end i’m sure.

It is hot here, but i’m assured we’re having a “below average” day – 35degrees C!!!

And yes that does feel kinda warm – but there’s a cool sea breeze and air con is a godsend.

All the other boys are really tidy: all English apart from a Scot and me, a vast variety of ages prob mid 20’s through to 35-40ish – not sure if i’m right at the bottom, but i’m def down the bottom end!

Met our boss and big boss today and been to the bases they are using – quite work in progress but got big plans and what they have is pretty swish – drove into mountains to see their mountain camp base – its this absolutely mahoosive tent totally decked out with carpets, hanging drapes and chandeliers about 30ft up and 100-150ft long.

Sounds like first months will be spent reccy-ing areas and figuring out what/how/where we are going to deliver. Incredible scope: mountain/climbing work, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, canyon exploration, diving on the cards too.

Ras al Khaimah is ok, pretty basic – but all good, everywhere is dusty / sandy and buildings are going up/half built everywhere – pretty similar to the sights in Kathmandu but with less people.

The locals are seem cool and the reports are that emiratians(?) are extremely honest if slightly lazy folks and they definitely work on a different time zone to us stressed brits. So i should fit in fine...

Our villa is pretty good, massive and air conditioned i’ve got a room with an en suite toilet/shower, 2 beds and a few wardrobes all to myself..! and they have made us very welcome with bits and bobs already here to get us started, including a fridge full of beer. Which is nice.

We went for a swim as soon as we got here (a channel to the sea is a 200m sandy/muddy/broken glassy walk from our front door!) and i have never experienced sea temps like it..its like a mild bath, absolutely barmy. If there was more surf it would be awesome.

Still settling in and figuring out what i’ve got thats useful/what else i need to get kit wise for this crazy climate and what i’ve left behind by accident (lead for my phone) no pics for a little bit sorry..

OK – just a quick round up, i’m here, i’m alive, the place and people seem great and i’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

Hope this finds you well, sending you all much love, take care,

E the sandy yetiboyXXX

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