Monday, 18 August 2008

a photo update

ok: lots has been happening and i've been trying to get this badboy up and running so forgive me if i cover lots of news in a couple of posts..

Getting much more into the swing of things here, learning loads and trying to get out to get a taste of the sites and activities we'll be providing.

We've been sea kayaking in a massive area with mangroves everywhere - kept expecting a swamp boat like in Skippy to pop out from round a corner!

Saw loads of flamingos and got attacked by crazy flying fish - one of the boys got hit 10times in a row!!

which was funny.

we've been 4x4ing a couple of times, and been to some of our climbing sites too.

had an excellent day climbing a ridgeline then descending into a really steep gorge and abseiling our way down the gorge and back out - 6 ab's on the trot, tidy boss.

Had a quick explore of Dubai too:Was just a brief visit - but it does look like we've transmogrified into the future here...
Just really did the Malls thing - saw their crazy ass indoor ski/snowboard centre - real snow!
Looks absurd.

In contrast Ras Al Khiamah kinda looks like a frontier town:
Its not all like this honest - these are the areas on the way to our place and to work..

Apologies for the "point and click" low quality photos.

I'm gonna finish with some shots of where we're laying our heads:

Dr Phil, surveying the wastelands!

Our fly rides plus a bit of Paul the manor! (for the keen eye'd can u spot the thermometer?)

OK - thats me for now, take it easy all and i'll be aiming to update this much more often now.

e x

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